Rose Incense Sticks

₹ 195
Rejuvenating UBTAN Incense Sticks are made with finest ingredients that are Hand Rolled , Charcoal Free dipped in Natural Essential Oils which acts as best stress reliever.
What are Incense Sticks :  

Incense stick is a type of fragrance stick that consists of dried and powdered herbs or flowers, which are burned. The burning process releases fragrance that have an effect on the mind and emotions. They help you relax your mind and body by inducing deep sleep, reducing stress levels and improving mental clarity.

Incense sticks can be used in different ways: they can be burnt as a part of religious rituals, for meditation and relaxation purposes, or simply for enjoyment.

Net Quantity : 100 Sticks

How to Use :

Hold the lighted match on the top of the incense stick until a flame appears. Blow the flame out & place the incense stick on a stand or a hard surface which is not inflammable.

Flowers, Leaves, Wood Powder, Resins, Bamboo Sticks, Essential Oils.

Handcrafted in Small Batches with the Finest Organic Ingredients. 
100% Pure, Natural & Chemical Free 
NO Preservatives, NO Artificial Fragrant Essence, NO Parabens

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