Bamboo Comb

₹ 185

From Traditional Plastic Combs , the bamboo material Has introduced a new style for hair combs and brushes. For wooden combs, Bamboo boasts its anti-bacterial nature as well as a very sustainable source. Unlike Sandalwood, Neem Wood or Pearch Wood, bamboo does not require Trees to be cut to make products, since bamboo grows on its own in wild.

Bamboo Comb help condition your Hair. It helps the spread the substance evenly, especially when it comes to oil and hair treatments. Bamboo combs are also great in removing knots and tangles without too much pulling. The bamboo teeth glide smoothly into the hair. This translates to less hair fall and pain in the scalp.

Another great thing about bamboo combs is it doesn’t form static. This makes combing easier and it allows you to style without extra effort.

Size : 7 Inches

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