Raw Honey

₹ 400

Pure Raw Unpasteurised Honey is extracted from the flowers of North India, which provides Instant Energy & Helps in the Healing Process.


-Crude form immediately taken out from the hive
-It is not filtered or Pasteurized & free from additives
-All nutrients, Vitamins & Enzymes are intact.
-Contains powerful antioxidants.
-Promotes digestive health
-Helps heal skin condition

This honey tends to Crystallize even at Room Temperature, which is an Indicative Property of Purity and High Quality. It can be Liquified by placing the bottle in Sunlight & Warm Water.

Handcrafted in Small Batches with the Finest Organic Ingredients.
NO Added Sugar, NO Preservative, NO Flavouring Agents
100% Pure & Chemical Free

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