Lemongrass Essential Oil

₹ 395
Our 100% Pure & Natural Lemongrass Essential Oil has a Strong & Citrus Aroma that relives Tension and gives Revitalizing Energy to Mind & Body. It has great Anti Inflammatory and Astrigent Properties. It may be used for Aromatherapy, blended with any other Rejuvenating UBTAN's Carrier Oil to make Massage Oil or used as Bath & Body Oil.

Do not apply directly on skin, as it is a Pure Essential Oil, and may cause an Allergic Reaction.
Benefits :
  • Strong & Citrus Aroma
  • Anti Inflammatory and Astrigent Properties
  • Imparts Freshness
  • Purifies the Home & Removes Wrinkles

            Handcrafted in Small Batches with the Finest Organic Ingredients. 
            NO Preservatives, NO Artificial Fragrant Essence, NO Parabens

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