Clove Honey

₹ 450

Clove is combined with Pure Raw Unpasteurised Honey to create a blend that has Anti- bacterial & Anti Inflammatory properties that help to enhance immunity. We infuse the herb into the honey over a several month period. We do not use heat or filter the honey or the finished product. These are pure infusions where both the medicinal essence and flavor of the herb is transferred to the honey.


– Has Healing Benefits
– Great Antioxidant Properties
– Useful for people with weak digestive systems
– Lowers the risk of Heart Diseases & removes Bad Cholesterols
– Regulates Blood Pressure
– All nutrients, vitamins & enzymes are intact.

This honey tends to Crystallize even at Room Temperature, which is an Indicative Property of Purity and High Quality. It can be Liquified by placing the bottle in Sunlight & Warm Water..

Handcrafted in Small Batches with the Finest Organic Ingredients.
NO Added Sugar, NO Preservative, NO Flavouring Agents
100% Pure & Chemical Free


Clove Honey must be consumed First Thing in the Morning to Aid Digestion.
If you’re looking to Lose Weight, take 1 teaspoon of Clove Honey in a Glass of Warm Water every day. Drink this 30 minutes before Breakfast on Empty Stomach and at Night before Sleeping.

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