Bamboo Straw (Pack of 10)

₹ 449 ₹ 600

Eco friendly, Reusable, Bamboo straws which are easy to carry and use on a daily basis. All our straws are Cleaned, Cut and Boiled & Disinfected to prevent any residual flavour. Our straws have a smooth inner surface preventing any food particles from accumulating & are dishwasher safe. Each straw can be used multiple times if cared properly and may catch onto a colouring present in food.
Dry the straw properly before storing.
The Bamboo Straws must be washed in Warm water for cleaning for first time use as well after every use.
This will save the Environment from Plastic Straws which stays for centuries & pollutes the environment.

Length : 8 inches
Diameter varies for each straw

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